World Parrot Day was originally founded 2004 by the World Parrot Trust and has been adopted by many
organisations aiming to promote parrots and highlight the threats they face in the wild. This day is held annually on May 31st
The EAZA Parrot TAG would like to promote the day with educational activities in zoos worldwide and to encourage zoo visitors to experience parrots – either in your local zoo or if you are lucky, in the wild.
Below are various open source materials and ideas which can be used to educate children and adults about how amazing parrots are and why they are threatened in the wild.
28% of Parrot species are threatened with extinction and more than half of the Parrot species are currently in decline… It is time for action. Celebrate World Parrot Day with us and join our efforts for parrot conservation.

Motto for 2022: “Stay fit and healthy – be more Parrot”

Check out Katalita and her advice to the kids. Credit for graphic Alyssa Rice from All the Birds Project

Did you know that some parrots use plants as their own pharmacy? 

Dr. Juan Marcello did a study on this together with many colleagues back in 2018. 

Masello, J.F., Martínez, J., Calderón, L. et al. Can the intake of antiparasitic secondary metabolites explain the low prevalence of hemoparasites among wild Psittaciformes?. Parasites Vectors 11, 357 (2018). 


Motto for 2021: “Be kind and selfless – be more Parrot”

Check out Gonzo and his advice to the kids. Credit for graphic Alyssa Rice from All the Birds Project

Learn more about selfless parrots, click here for youtube VIDEO

Brucks & von Bayern (2020). Parrots Voluntarily Help Each Other to Obtain Food Rewards. Current Biology 30, 1–6 January 20, 2020.

Krasheninnikova A, Brucks D,Blanc S, von Bayern AMP (2019). Assessing African grey parrots’ prosocial tendencies in a token choice paradigm. Royal Society Open Science 6: 190696

Let us all learn more about, and from, parrot behaviour – be more parrot!



Learn about conservation programmes for parrots. These projects are endorsed by the EAZA Parrot TAG


2022: The Katala Foundation have many activities to support the Philippine Cockatoo 

Philippine Cockatoos (c) Katala Foundation inc.



2021: The Limbe Wildlife Centre has an ongoing Conservation_Proposal

Limbe Wildlife Centre on the Project Progress September 2021


Learn more About Parrot Taxon Advisory Groups the work they do on



Suggested open source educational materials and activity inspiration for use on the World Parrot Day or for other Parrot themed education activities:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 related lockdown in many zoos and schools around the world, we have added a “Corona Virus Supplement” with many alternative ideas for having a online World Parrot Day PDF – World Parrot Day Online

PDF – 2022 Education on Philippine_cockatoo Katalita (new 2022)

PDF – Information and Ideas material

PDF – 2021 Education on Grey Parrot Gonzo (new 2021)

PDF – Craft toys and enrichment

PDF – Fundraising for conservation

PDF – Invasive Species Information (new 2021)

PDF – Invasive Species Activities (new 2021)

PDF – Activities for Children (updated 2021)

                  PDF – AZA World Parrot Day 2021 Packet (new 2021)


We would like to thank our colleagues for sharing their materials with us. If you have any great ideas or material that you wish to share open source please get in touch with the EAZA Parrot TAG Education Advisor, Stephan Worm.



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On the work of the Katala Foundation on the Philippine cockatoo.

Limbe Wildlife Centre on progress up til September 2021.