Silent Forest Campaign promotion video

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Tainted Love

You can download this movie by clicking on this link:

Please pay notice to the following statement of Eleanor Paish, the owner of the movie:

‘I, Eleanor Paish, do hereby give permission to EAZA and their associates to use all or part of the film ‘Tainted Love’ for promotional and educational purposes. I confirm that I have the right to distribute this film’.

Sold for a song: the forest birds captured for their tuneful voices (BBC)

Singer-songwriter Thom Artway supported the campaign and made campaign music video entitled ‘High above the trees’

How to make Origami Songbirds (Chester Zoo)

Sing for Songbirds (Chester Zoo)

The EAZA Conservation Campaign: Silent Forest – Progress and Aims

presented by Simon Bruslund (Heidelberg Zoo), at the EAZA Conservation Forum 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia. 

Celebrating International Songbird Day in Cologne Zoo (Germany), May 2018