In-Situ Conservation, In-Region conservation Breeding and Research Projects. 

Our aim is to improve the situation of Asian songbirds in their natural habitat and to develop and increase knowledge and understanding of the threats to these birds and how zoos can contribute to save them.

We cooperate with campaign partner organisations on developing and supporting projects as well as with government agencies in-region to make a difference for songbirds.

We help establish and support awareness campaigns in-region and promote birdwatching as an alternative pastime and potential livelihood, for example through the established used binocular collection points in zoos for shipment to local birdwatching initiatives in Southeast Asia.

We work to improve awareness within EAZA through the Songbird TAG, breeding programs and available EAZA media (newsletter, presentations at conferences, magazines, websites). Husbandry Best Practise Guidelines and Studbooks are promoted and published for These species as a priority to aid in establishing functioning ex-situ safety populations and motivate more EAZA institutions to continue keeping relevant taxa of songbirds.

We support research to gain a clearer picture of the current status (taxonomic and conservation) of affected species.

In order to be able to make a difference we need to apply the skillset and philosophies which are already available in EAZA member zoos, and we have the chance to make the world more aware of the conservation value of zoos. By celebrating more than 25 years of the Bali Myna EEP in 2017 we can clearly demonstrate that it is possible to save a songbird species through a zoo-based conservation breeding program. However zoo-based conservation is much more than just breeding programs.

Priorities for in-situ Projects are determined in cooperation with the Asian Songbird Trade Specialist Group. 100% of donations received will be forwarded to the conservation project partners.