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Indonesia has one of the highest number of bird species listed as threatened. Nevertheless, thousands of these endangered species are still being sold on local markets. Every fifth Indonesian household keeps caged birds as pet…
Due to socioeconomic reasons, there is lack of outdoor culture and families rarely have the luxury of going on trips in natural environment. Therefore, contacts with nature are limited and so is the population’s empathy toward wildlife.

Thanks to the Disney Foundation! FREE AS A BIRD, a movement initiated by Ostrava Zoo, received a WAZA Nature Connect Grant. The 15.000 CHF will help support its goals aiming at shifting the locals’ mind by allowing families from urban areas to watch birds in the wild rather than in a cage. The project is also supported with used binoculars collected by Silent Forest signatories.

Learn how you can support the project with your used but still good binoculars    

Our main objective is to create bird-watching and educational activities (e.g. bird and plant identification using binoculars and fun-to-handle worksheets; eco-games; drama play etc.) to encourage local children and their parents towards long-lasting devotion to nature and environment. 

PROJECT UPDATES: Current no updates available for this project