Bangkaru Island of Natural Treasures

Text by Thomas Amey, Director of Social and Environmental Programmes, EcosystemImpact Foundation Home to some of the world’s rarest bird and turtle species, Bangkaru Island remains… wild and remote, off the Northwest coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. An Island of natural treasures! EcosystemImpact and wildlife agency BKSDA have a team of rangers that patrol this Island […]

Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre wins ASAP support grant

Great news from Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre (CCBC). With the support of ASAP the coming breeding season for the Javan Green Magpie and Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush can come. CCBC applied to ASAP’s Rapid Action Fund to continue the breeding programmes of the three birds. ASAP has teamed up with the Oriental Bird Club to provide the […]

The impact of CITES-listing on the Chinese Hwamei

Text by Dr. Chris R. Shepherd, Monitor Conservation Research Society Executive Director Researchers from the Monitor Conservation Research Society and the Oxford Wildlife Trade Research Group have evaluated the trade in the Chinese Hwamei (Garrulax canorus) and the effects which the long-term CITES appendix II listing have had on the species conservation. The Chinese Hwamei […]

Barusan Shama: At the precipice of extinction

Text and images by Pratibha Baveja, PhD Candidate at National University of Singapore, Singapore Recently, a research team from National University of Singapore (NUS) in collaboration with Syiah Kuala University and Aceh Birder conducted an expedition to investigate the avifauna on the ornithologically lesser explored islands of West Sumatra (see map below). One of the […]

Amazing drone images of Bangkaru Island

Wild, remote and beautiful, a new dawn breaks on Bangkaru Island. Text and images Alex Westover This incredible drone shot shows Bangkaru Island from a new perspective. At the upmost capabilities of Alex Westover’s drone, this photo was captured as a last-minute decision just before leaving the island. ‘It was such a last-minute shot that […]