The Asian Songbird Trade Specialist Group: A Brief Report On Its First Four Years: 2017-2020

The IUCN SSC Asian Songbird Trade Specialist Group (ASTSG) published a brief report outlining its work scope and achievements since its inception in 2017 and future plans for the tackling of the Asian Songbird Crisis. The report provides updates on the songbird conservation efforts led by the ASTSG’s members between 2017 and 2020, under the […]

Likely poaching of Grey-backed Myna in Indonesia’s Baluran National Park

Text by Loretta Shepherd, Monitor Conservation Research Society New study highlights the emerging trend of trade in Grey-backed Myna sold online as ‘Baluran locals’- indicating ongoing and potential future poaching in Indonesia’s Baluran National Park (BNP). Located in East Java, BNP is the most significant stronghold of the entire Black-winged Myna complex and is one […]

Silent Forest Circus

Mirabelle Arts, supported by the EAZA Silent Forest Group on scientific back-ground of the narrative, and with financial support from the Arts Council England and UNIT 15, have developed the , a circus theatre piece inspired by and aimed at raising awareness of the Asian Songbird Crisis. Each artist represents an endangered songbird species, with […]

New cooperation aims to increase research output

Text by Chris R. Shepherd, Executive Director, Monitor Conservation Research Society. Monitor Conservation Research Society and the EAZA Silent Forest Group have joined forces to create the Monitor Songbird Lab; a joint effort to increase evidence-based research outputs on songbird trade and its effects on biodiversity. Amongst its work is the development of the world’s […]

Breeding season is approaching in Simeulue

Check out the new progress report of Ecosystem Impact on the conservation breeding efforts of the near-extinct Simeulue and Babi Shamas. It is a joint effort led by Ecosystem Impact and currently supported by ASTSG, the Avian Evolution Lab of NUS, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Marlow Birdpark as well as the EAZA’s Silent Forest Group.

Cikananga Newsletter edition 20

Text by Bertie Ferns, Conservation Breeding Manager, Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre I hope this e-mail finds you well and in good spirits. We are pleased to bring you edition #20 of the CCBC newsletter providing you with news on our activities from the past couple of months. Despite the challenges of this year we are […]

The extraordinary vanishing act of the Javan Pied Starling

27 March 2021 Press-release by IUCN-SSC Asian Songbird Trade Specialist Group A new study published in Ardea – the scientific journal of the Netherlands Ornithologists’ Union – highlights the unprecedented decline of the critically endangered Javan Pied Starling Gracupica jalla. Dr. Bas van Balen, the lead author of the study, explains that “Fifty to hundred […]

Wangi-Wangi Island Trip Report

The Wangi-Wangi White-eye was discovered in 2003 and although widely recognized as a separate species it is still in the process of being scientifically described. For several years there have been concerns about the bird’s conservation status and the Silent Forest pre-selected project partner Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark (PCBA) have been precautionary breeding the pale […]

Bangkaru Island of Natural Treasures

Text by Thomas Amey, Director of Social and Environmental Programmes, EcosystemImpact Foundation Home to some of the world’s rarest bird and turtle species, Bangkaru Island remains… wild and remote, off the Northwest coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. An Island of natural treasures! EcosystemImpact and wildlife agency BKSDA have a team of rangers that patrol this Island […]