Cuban Grassquit

The Government of Cuba have recently submitted notice that it will list two species of native songbirds to CITES Appendix III. Appendix III listings can be made by any signatory country (Party) unilaterally and primarily serves the purpose of collecting data and documenting the trade. The two species belongs to the tanager family. One the […]

Silent Forest goes into Politics

Conservation politics. Many are aware of the approaching environmental conferences, particularly the UN Climate CoP27 and perhaps at least heard of the CBD UN Biodiversity CoP15 to be held in December, but only few will know the CITES CoP19; a crucial meeting for wildlife conservation that will take place from 14 to 25 November 2022 in […]

The expanse of domestic bird markets in Indonesia – the case of Makassar in Sulawesi

Bird trade study in Sulawesi shows extent of Indonesia’s domestic bird markets and highlights the need for strengthened law enforcement  Text by Boyd Leupen, Monitor Conservation Research Society A recent study published by members of the Monitor Songbird Lab has found large numbers of illegally traded birds during market surveys on the island of Sulawesi, […]

CBCC publishes annual report

The Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre (CCBC) annual report for the year 2021 reflects the varying levels of restrictions in reponse  to the corona virus affecting all society in Indonesia. Not least with the large undertaking of vaccinating the population. The CCBC team thankfully stayed healthy during this period but have still been impacted by the […]

New to science and already threatened by trade

The much-anticipated formal description of two new songbird species which are endemic to South Borneo is now out. Here a species of white-eye and jungle-Flycatcher is described as new to science. Both species were first discovered during an expedition in the karst Meratus Mountain range in 2016 when searching for the enigmatic Black-browed Babbler which […]

Breeding Facilities Project Complete! As of October 2021, the Silent Forest co-funded project at Cikananga Conservation Breeding Center (CCBC) is complete! This project involved expanding the center blueprint to allow for the building of over 50 high quality aviaries. These new facilities will be dedicated to the current and future conservation breeding programmes at CCBC […]

Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark take new scientific employee onboard

To follow up on dire need for songbird field conservation research such as rapid population assessments and monitoring’s as well as assisting with the population management, studbook and records keeping within the Prigen centre. The Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark have recently taken onboard, as an enthusiastic Scientific Assistant Febry Riyad Hendiyanto who joins the team […]