Supporting CITES Proposals for Songbirds

There are only two songbird related proposals to be presented at the CITES CoP19 for decisions. This, include the Straw-headed Bulbul up-listing from Appendix II to Appendix I and a new first-time listing of the White-rumped Shama in Appendix II. The proposals are based on sound data and have been submitted by the Governments of Malaysia […]

Cuban Grassquit

The Government of Cuba have recently submitted notice that it will list two species of native songbirds to CITES Appendix III. Appendix III listings can be made by any signatory country (Party) unilaterally and primarily serves the purpose of collecting data and documenting the trade. The two species belongs to the tanager family. One the […]

Silent Forest goes into Politics

Conservation politics. Many are aware of the approaching environmental conferences, particularly the UN Climate CoP27 and perhaps at least heard of the CBD UN Biodiversity CoP15 to be held in December, but only few will know the CITES CoP19; a crucial meeting for wildlife conservation that will take place from 14 to 25 November 2022 in […]

The expanse of domestic bird markets in Indonesia – the case of Makassar in Sulawesi

Bird trade study in Sulawesi shows extent of Indonesia’s domestic bird markets and highlights the need for strengthened law enforcement  Text by Boyd Leupen, Monitor Conservation Research Society A recent study published by members of the Monitor Songbird Lab has found large numbers of illegally traded birds during market surveys on the island of Sulawesi, […]