Conservation breeding and the most threatened (song)birds in Asia—ten years on

An article by Silent Forest Group members Nigel Collar and Roland Wirth in the magazine of the Oriental Bird Club “BirdingAsia” is fresh off the press.

The current article 2022 Collar Wirth Conservation breeding for Asian songbirds is focussed on the Asian Songbird Crisis provides a great overview on the current progress with a special reference to all the in-region ex-situ efforts which is going on.

This new paper it is intended as a follow-up on the article cited below which was published a decade ago also involving several members of the Silent Forest Group:

Collar, N.J., Gardner, L., Jeggo, D.F., Marcordes, B., Owen, A., Pagel, T., Pes, T., Vaidl, A., Wilkinson, R. & Wirth, R. (2012) Conservation breeding and the most threatened birds in Asia. BirdingASIA 18: 50–57.