“It is more difficult to find a Shama than a Orangutan in Borneo”

Check out the Radio Interview with our colleague Serene Chng from TRAFFIC talking in detail about the Asian Songbird Crisis on BFM 89.9.

Serene Chng is a wildlife trade researcher and a program officer with TRAFFIC in Southeast Asia. Her work involves recording wildlife traded in many of the region’s most notorious markets, and she has brought many emerging wildlife trafficking issues to light through her research and collaborations with others. A bird lover herself, Serene is a co-coordinator with the IUCN Species Survival Commission Asian Songbird Specialist Trade Group.

Even more on Serene and her work can be heard in the National Geographic podcast series, Expedition: Earth in the episode Expedition: Caged

Sumatra Leafbird Chloropsis media in the Javan Birdmarket by Simon Bruslund