BirdLife International supporting Songbirds at the CITES CoP19

As a crucial partner in the conservation and advocacy work in support of Songbirds BirdLife International is also represented here at the CITES CoP19 in Panama. They are also supporting the two current songbird proposals and have led on an important letter to the CITES Parties calling for their support to these proposals signed by multiple CITES Observer NGO’s including EAZA.

Furthermore, as a part outcome of the ongoing “Global Assessment on Bird Trade” by BirdLife and Cambridge Conservation Initiative a consortium of consortium composed by BirdLife International, TRAFFIC, IUCN, UNEP-WCMC, University of Cambridge (UK) and the Species360 Conservation Science Alliance have prepared an Information Document (InfDoc) using this data. The InfDoc has been submitted to the CITES Secretariat pending publication.

This document with the title “Representation of Songbirds (Passeriformes) in the CITES Appendices and their Prevalence in Trade” is an outstanding documentation of the underrepresentation of songbird species protected in CITES but in absolute number as well as in relation to threats and trade interest in the species.

Leiothrix laurinae Sumatran Mesia Simon Bruslund