Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark: Songbird breeding facilities

Applicant KASI Foundation
Project coordinators John Sumampau, Stephan Bulk
Location East Java, Indonesia
Pledged amount €30.000
Flagship species Straw-headed bulbul (Pycnonotus zeylandicus) – EN


Over 60 experts participating the first Songbird Crisis Summit held in Singapore in 2015 and the second one in 2017 identified the most endangered species in the Greater Sunda region and recommended to strengthen their captive breeding. KASI Foundation of Taman Safari Indonesia responses with a program to start on maintaining and breeding these endangered Indonesian songbirds.

The project goal is to support the Indonesia songbird population in the wild against extinction by ensuring their captive-breeding following husbandry guidelines, building awareness in local government and communities about the existing and growing threats and about the importance of conservation action, and by gaining support from other stakeholders to contribute to the conservation program.

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Project objectives:

  • Create a good standard aviary complex that will support the successful breeding program of the listed species of songbirds in healthy, genetically sound populations to ensure the release of captive-bred birds in their natural habitat.
  • Establish husbandry guidelines in collaboration with government, associations and universities.
  • Develop and maintain a captive population of songbirds with other parties concerning songbird species conservation to ensure viable songbird population in the wild against extinction.
  • Collaborate with all related parties to develop public awareness programs in having a more effective, comprehensive, and significant conservation result.
  • Fulfil the local demands for these threatened songbirds through captive populations and transfer some of the above listed species of songbirds to other institutions and zoos involved and supporting this global program, technically as well as financially.



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