Breeding Facilities Project Complete!

As of October 2021, the Silent Forest co-funded project at Cikananga Conservation Breeding Center (CCBC) is complete! This project involved expanding the center blueprint to allow for the building of over 50 high quality aviaries. These new facilities will be dedicated to the current and future conservation breeding programmes at CCBC for Endangered and Critically Endangered Indonesian endemic bird species such as the Javan Green Magpie (pictured).

This project was of urgent importance as many of the old facilities of CCBC have become unfit for purpose due to wear in the tropical climate, significantly reducing the capacity and impact of CCBC. In the face of a global pandemic, the strong support of the Silent Forest Campaign and multiple other sponsors remained and with this new aviary block now up and running, CCBC can look to the future as we work together in the conservation of bird species on the brink of extinction. Please access the full report hereĀ CCBC-Final-Report-aviaries-construction-2021.pdf (

Critically Endangered Javan Green Magpie (Cissa thalassina) in the new Cikananga aviaries (c) H.H. Ferns CBCC-YCKT

Read more about the Cikananga Conservation Breeding Center on the project pageĀ