A Silent Forest gold medal for Bird enthusiasts!

Author: Matyáš Adam (Liberec Zoo, Czech Republic)

Commemorative medal vending machines are in use in several European zoos already, selling coins with their favourite animals on them. So why not using them in favour of the Songbirds? Especially when children really love to bring souvenirs from their zoo visit!

Wroclaw Zoo (Poland) brought this awesome idea to life in cooperation with Cullinan company and Liberec Zoo. They have already helped spreading this fundraising tool to other zoos in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Each vending machine sells medals for 1,5 – 2 EUR a piece (depending on the country) and the profit is being donated to the Silent Forest Campaign by both zoos and supplier!

An easy way to please your kids and help Songbirds conservation!

If zoos from other countries (preferably from Germany, France, Austria or Hungary) are interested in having the commemorative medal vending machine in their institutions, the supplier can provide both machine and coins without having to pay any extra costs.

For more information, please contact the Silent Forest Campaign office in Zoo Liberec: tesarova@zooliberec.cz.