Help us collect binoculars!

Author: Barbara Tesarova (Zoo Liberec, Czech Republic) 

Liberec Zoo is collecting old, but still functional, binoculars! When you visit us, don’t forget to bring yours or the ones given by your colleagues, schoolmates, friends… Leave them at the check-in desk at the entrance. They will be kept at the Silent Forest campaign office before being distributed to eco-centers across Indonesia via  

This NGO aims at raising awareness of nature and sustainable practices in communities using children´s education and books as a starting point. Your discarded binoculars will help to advertise “birding”, to inspire local people in Asia to appreciate their environment and to stimulate their will to protect it. Also, well-guided birdwatching tours are trendy these days. Tourists enjoy them, creating a good opportunity for local guides to earn money. 

Several zoos are involved in this project. Don’t hesitate to ask your favorite zoo if they are and spread the word!