Polish schoolchildren know everything about Songbirds!

In support of the “Silent Forest” campaign, ZOO Wrocław (Poland) is organizing many activities for all age classes.

Last May, the first competition of knowledge for primary schools from all over Poland took place at the zoo. Thirty students from several cities participated after having learned about Songbirds on the zoo website. Very detailed questions were asked such as “Which species is the symbol of the islands of Nias?” and “What is the name of the national park where Bali Mynas’ breeding is carried out?”. Would you know the answers??

The winners were thrilled to meet the birds’ zookeeper and Balbinka, the owl!

Some events are currently carried out and you can still participate!

  • Art competition from 04.2018 to 30.09.2018: make a sculpture of a Silent Forest flagship species.
  • Photography competition from 03.2018-28.02.2019: take pictures of birds that are found in indicated places all over the world.


Other will soon start. Make sure to follow Zoo Wroclaw’s schedule so you don’t miss them.

A recycled birdhouse competition, related to Bird Watching journal, will happen from 01.11.2018 to 31.03.2019. A charity concert will be organized around October 2018 and a specific Silent Forest day will be celebrated in 2019.

Any other day of the year, visitors can still learn about Songbirds in the Africarium, where a Silent Forest exhibit was set up, and support the Campaign by purchasing a cute souvenir at the giftshop!