Transition of Bangkaru Programme from HAkA to Ecosystem Impact

Author Tom Amey, Director of Social and Environmental Programmes, Ecosystem Impact Foundation.

In December 2019, a decision was made for Forest, Nature and Environment Aceh (HAkA) to transition the Bangkaru Ranger Programme to Ecosystem Impact Foundation (EI). It was felt that direct management by EI would be more efficient & effective. It also enables EI to build on the Bangkaru bird & turtle conservation work and expand this to Simeulue.

Bangkaru Island Rainforest from Above Photo: Paul Hilton @paulhiltonphoto.


With HAkA’s MoU with Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (BKSDA) for the Bangkaru programme ending March 2020, the first quarter of this year has been spent focusing on securing the renewal of this MoU / transitioning to EI.

Bangkaru Rangers planning the days work. Photo: Paul Hilton(@paulhiltonphoto)

During the interim period between the existing MoU ending and EI gaining the new MoU, EI and HAkA have worked together with BKSDA to secure the Bangkaru Rangers status as Masyarakat Mitra Polisi Hutan (Community Forest Ranger Partners). This gives the rangers the necessary legal basis to continue patrolling Bangkaru. EI have – through EAZA funding support – provided a formal commitment to BKSDA to finance the rangers.

EI has developed the MoU proposal to BKSDA, with an MoU request being the ability to carry out surveying of terrestrial and marine biodiversity on Bangkaru. This will give EI and partners the ability to carry out further scientific data collection into the birds of Bangkaru.

All 7 rangers as well as HAkA’s former Bangkaru Coordinator will be moved to EI staffers from 1 April 2020. HAkA are being very supportive of this transition and we will continue to partner.

Nias Hill Myna on Bangkaru Island. Photo: Ross Gallardy

Bird Conservation Work on Bangkaru, and Future Developments
Entry points and camp locations of bird poachers have been identified in partnership with a new local conservation organisation working in the area – YSAN. We have worked through a viable terrestrial monitoring program to further address bird poaching on Bangkaru that we will be implemented in the coming months.



Bangkaru and Simeulue Islands located of the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Green and Leatherback turtles nest on these islands 365 days of the year. Sadly the beaches are covered in plastic, creating another obsticale in addition to egg poaching. Photo: Paul Hilton for Earth Tree