Campaign merchandise

Please note the active campaigning ended in 2019 and with this also the merchandise scheme. Therefore these items are no longer available. However, the conservation projects and project management continues so please consider supporting the Silent Forest Group in a different way.


The EAZA Silent Forest Conservation Campaign, in cooperation with its partners, aims to raise funds to support conservation projects in the region of Southeast Asia. Our goal is to raise at least €400,000. We need your help to reach this target, therefore we would like to encourage you to y purchase some of our great merchandising products.

Campaign merchandise items include:

  • Silent Forest Magnetic Puzzle
  • Silent Forest Tin cup
  • Silent Forest Cloth bag
  • Bird House
  • Silent Forest Memory Game
  • YO-YO
  • Silent Forest T-shirts
  • Keyrings
  • Band aids
  • Chromium magnets
  • Silent Forest Rubber keyring
  • Rubber magnets
  • Silent Forest Rubber magnet

And also lovely, adorable plush toys of:

  • Javan Green Magpie
  • White-rumped Shama
  • Sumatran Laughingthrush
  • Straw-headed Bulbul
  • Nias Hill Myna
  • Bali Myna


€240,000 will be divided among six priority projects, which have already been pre-selected to receive funding . As official campaign participant, you will have the opportunity to select the project which you would like to support. The progress bars on the Silent Forest website allow you to track the amount of funds raised for a particular project.

Once the initial fund-raising targets for the pre-selected projects have been reached, a general grant scheme will be announced. This will welcome grant applications for funding for other Asian songbird conservation projects. We believe that this an achievable target if zoos, other organizations and individuals contribute to raise funds. Let’s make every effort to have a successful campaign and to help support Asian songbird conservation.

In order to achieve the minimum production costs on merchandise, orders for all campaign participants will be processed together in four batches. Therefore, there are four deadlines for final orders and payment.

Deadlines for final orders and payments:


All the prices listed in the catalogue already include a contribution for the Silent Forest campaign. Except from the costs (purchase price and delivery costs) all the profits from the retail sales of the merchandise will go to the campaign. Each organization can also decide which of the pre-selected projects they want to support when placing their orders. If no pre-selected project is specified, gathered funds will be incorporated into the general grant scheme. Due to different transport taxes to European countries, transport costs will be paid cash on delivery according to the current rate of a transport company.

Please contact the campaign office manager, Barbara Tesarova ( if you are interested in purchasing any of the Silent Forest merchandise, or if you require any further information.

Campaign merchandise catalogue
Merchandise order form

Detailed Description of the process:

· Choose from the Merchandise Catalogue and fill in the following information in a included Merchandise order form
· The exact number of products from the list
· Select the campaign project/ projects your institution would like to support
· Send the complete form to

A confirmation (and invoice) will be sent for the ordered subjects according to availability.

Please make the required payment after the confirmation has been received

Bank account details:
Company: Prestima, spol. s.r.o.
Address: U Elektry 203/8, 198 00 Praha, Czech Republic
Bank account: 4855612/0800
IBAN: CZ51 0800 0000 0000 0485 5612

Unfortunately, there is a minimum order limit on some products, so we can´t guarantee the delivery of all ordered products. After collecting all the orders from the participants, the Silent Forest campaign office will inform you about the availability of each product. The participants will make payment after a confirmation has been received from the campaign office.

Campaign merchandise catalogue
Merchandise order form