CBCC publishes annual report

The Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre (CCBC) annual report for the year 2021 reflects the varying levels of restrictions in reponse  to the corona virus affecting all society in Indonesia. Not least with the large undertaking of vaccinating the population. The CCBC team thankfully stayed healthy during this period but have still been impacted by the global CoVID pandemic which affected building projects, funding and also our in-situ impact.

Conservation Breeding Manager Bertie Ferns write “It has been a difficult year to advance many plans but, nonetheless, we still have progress to celebrate and are immensely grateful to all our sponsors.”

Within the Annual Report is a brief summary of each species housed at CCBC, including a project review from 2021 and goals for 2022. Objectives that were made in December 2020 are presented, and their status assessed.

All recent reports from CBCC can be found on the project page

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