Discover Songbirds in Finland with Helsinki Zoo

We are pleased to see the Silent Forest Campaign is spreading through Europe!

We received some news from Helsinki zoo where the Finnish visitors can learn about the Songbird crisis via many activities.

Several schools took part in a bird-theme day earlier this year.

The teenagers created material for the social media – the goal being an action poster – cartoons and short theater plays to tell their schoolmates about the need to protect songbirds in Asia.

In addition, a singing contest of songbirds’ vocalizations was organized. The winner was the Blackbird, a local species.

As we all love hearing these feathery animals, Helsinki zoo had the great idea to display a bird song automate during Spring. In exchange of a coin, visitors could listen to their favorite songbird vocalization!

Visit the audio Resource page to find out which one is your favorite?!

Finally, during a weekend, a lottery with a spinning wheel was organized and hosted by a giant bird of an unknown species!

Congratulations for the great ideas and thank you for your involvement!


Photo credits: Kirsi Pynnonen and Emmi Lustig.