Excessive consumption of chocolate can help save Songbirds!

As we are in the second and final year of our Silent Forest Campaign, Wilhelma Zoologische Garten (Germany) sent us some updates about the awesome activities they have done in 2018 and will carry out in 2019 regarding Songbirds.

A few weeks ago, the zoo received their special edition of “Wilhelma Conservation Chocolate” advertising five conservation projects they support, including the Bali Myna Fieldwork project from our Silent Forest Campaign. The chocolate is fair trade and palm oil free and is sold at the zoo restaurant and souvenir shop. The profits will go to the projects depicted on the packaging, which are expected to yield 2000€ each. Look at the beautiful Bali myna!

Beautiful and tasty! This is brilliant! Who wouldn’t like to eat chocolate to help save birds??

We were also thrilled to read that visitors enjoyed making bird feeders, bird baths, participating to a drawing contest, to a magic birds workshop and supporting our campaign through a fundraising lottery.

In addition, birding tours and nesting boxes crafting workshops – activities that were already well attended in 2018 – will be organized again this year, as well as a ten-day event with songbird-related activities for the children of the members of the association Wilhelma Freunde.

Find the complete schedule of the Songbird events and activities here.