First Javan green magpie chick in Prigen has fledged successfully

Author: Simon Bruslund (Heidelberg Zoo, Germany)

Some encouraging news from one of the pre-selected projects for the Silent Forest Campaign.

In the Songbird breeding facility Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark (PCBA), the very first Javan green magpie has hatched only a few weeks ago. It was reared by its parents in the custom made breeding center with the highest level of privacy. Now it has fledged successfully, we have received the first images.

The young Magpie is officially part of the newly approved Javan green magpie EAZA Ex-situ Programme (EEP) and PBCA is a registered non-EAZA partner.

The breeding center, located on the grounds of the Taman Safari zoo in Prigen (Eastern Java), is run by the KASI Foundation. Its ongoing development and construction is co-financed by a number of EAZA institutions through the Silent Forest Campaign.

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