“Silent Forest” invited to the Day of Animals

Author: Svetlana Kovalchuck (Tula Exotarium, Russia)

On the 6th of October 2018, while the International “Day of Animals” was celebrated at Tula Exotarium, our young visitors and their parents learned about the problem of songbirds in South-East Asia and about the EAZA Silent Forest Campaign.

They could listen to the sound records of daytime tropical forest, as well as to the beautiful vocalizations of songbirds, and chose their favorite ones. The children examined the colorful feathers of birds and learned about extinct species – victims of their wonderful plumage. They also discovered how these melodious singers are sadly caught and sold in Asian markets.

Finally, the kids’ imagination was set free to color paper songbirds and restock a tropical forest wall!

If only Asian forests could be repopulated as easily with real songbirds…