Silent Forest, Silent Spring

Author: Mark Liziczai (KLG Goodeid Projekt, Hungary)


Our institution is a secondary grammar school, which has received the award of ‘Eco-school’.

Whatever the class, we are teaching our students to pay attention to their environment, nature and endangered species.

We decided to talk about the Silent Forest campaign, even if it is almost closed, because it’s never too late to draw the student’s attention on the crisis of South-Asia and the songbirds.

In the past few weeks, we organised programs that we called the Silent Spring Campaign.

We placed posters about the flagship species of the campaign, in the school.

We gave lectures and presentations about the threatening factors of South-Asian rainforests and their animals, and about endangered songbirds in our own school and in nearby neighbor primary schools.

Children had to identify birds, decide which ones were songbirds.

There were guessing games with boxes, containing objects in connection with Southeast-Asia or songbirds and children had to guess what it was only by touching it.

Finally, they had the possibility to meet living Asian animals – like exotic lizards, stick insects, etc.

Each station and children group was named after a flagship species of the Campaign.

It was a lot of fun so we plan on organizing activities for pre-school and primary school students on the occasion of the ‘Researchers Night’ too.