New contestant for the Binocular collection!

Have you been following the Silent Forest “binocular contest”?

For more than a year now, Liberec Zoo has been collecting old, but still functional, binoculars to distribute to eco-centers across Indonesia via the NGO (find all information about this in this previous post).

Somehow, this activity escalated into a friendly contest between Copenhagen Zoo (Denmark) and Parc de Branféré (France). Check out the post about it on our Facebook page if you missed it.

Well… We have just been informed of an unexpected turnaround!

Not only do we have a new contestant in the race, Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum (Germany), but they have moved into the lead with 114 binoculars collected!

They addressed a special message to Copenhagen zoo:

Dear neighbours in Copenhagen,

Düsseldorf inhabitants have been extremely generous and have donated 114 old binoculars for the Silent Forest campaign. We have heard that you were the big champions of binoculars… Did you give everything you had, or do you accept our challenge to collect even more binoculars for Silent Forest and bird conservation? Which city is the most generous in Europe – Düsseldorf or Copenhagen?

What an unbearable suspense! Will Copenhagen accept the challenge? Will Branféré dare to fight back too?