Will you hear us?

Remember Tainted love, the great documentary by University student Eleanor Paish? A year has passed already… The film has collected awards on festivals, subtitles have been translated to several languages and it´s being screened in several institutions over the world including Indonesia.

We are grateful the Silent Forest Campaign continues to inspire creativity.

Will you hear us, a new Belgian documentary investigating the meaning of the caged-bird tradition in Indonesia and its evolution through time, might be produced soon.

But the filmmakers need your help to bring the project to life and support the cost of the making stages from transportation, filming equipment, translating interviews to editing our final images.

Your contribution can help them show the world the immense beauty of these birds and shine a light on their dark future.

Please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/286889863/will-you-hear-us-the-film/description and together, let’s make a difference.