Campaign goals

The campaign focuses on the following activities:

Within the EAZA region:

  • Increase awareness in the general public and within the zoo community.
  • Fundraise for conservation efforts to prevent extinctions.
  • Provide ideas and information to enable environmental education in zoos.
  • Provide expertise, mentorship and manpower to support conservation breeding programs and related ex-situ research activities.

Within the natural range:

  • Increase regional awareness and implement environmental education strategies in cooperation with local and international stakeholders.
  • Develop regionally relevant husbandry guidelines for all focus species, and support their legal and scientifically managed breeding in-region.
  • Build awareness and capacity for law enforcement within the region.
  • Initiate, develop and support in-region conservation breeding centres where this is deemed necessary.
  • Support research initiatives designed to improve the scientific basis of reintroduction programmes

The campaign will run from 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2019.