Campaign group

The following people were instrumental for making the Silent Forest campaign possible:

Tomas Ouhel (Zoo Liberec), Simon Bruslund (Zoo Heidelberg/Vogelpark Marlow), David Jeggo (Cologne Zoo), Lucia Schröder (Cologne Zoo), David Nejedlo (Zoo Liberec), Barbara Tesarova (Zoo Liberec), William van Lint (EAZA Executive Office), Mirko Marseille (EAZA Executive Office), Roland Wirth (Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations), Nigel Collar (Birdlife International), Andrew Owen (Chester Zoo), Constanze Mager (Burgers Zoo), Matyas Adam (Zoo Liberec), Kanitha Krishnasamy (TRAFFIC), Michael Petersen (Copenhagen Zoo).

Most of the Campaign Group and representatives of many of the platinum supporters during the EAZA conference plenary in Valencia 2019 


There are many more who deserve our thanks including all the breeding program Leaders under the EAZA Songbird TAG and the many tireless zoo educators developing great ideas and translating material throughout Europe and Asia.