Silent Forest in Bochum

Author: Judith Becker (Tierpark und Fossilium Bochum, Germany)

A new exhibit, focusing on the Silent Forest Campaign, was launched on August 10th 2018. Visitors will find it in our conservation-exhibition hall which is dedicated to the “bee”.

Wilfried Werner and Judith Becker






The displayed diorama shows a river bank in the South East Asian forests where songbirds are kept in small cages and traded on the market. Information panels raise awareness to the songbird crisis, the affected species and to the aims of the Silent Forest campaign.

In addition to the South East Asian songbirds, we also want to inform our visitors about domestic endangered songbirds, what causes their populations to decline as well as ways to engage and help. Thus, both topics are included in our environmental education programs and guided tours.

Silent Forest was even reported in the local press!

Further activities, such as special activity days dedicated to the campaign are planned too. Visit our website to know all about it.