Sabda Alam Music Video

Sabda Alam a new music video by RUSAnimation featuring prominent Indonesian Artists (Tohpati, Eva Celia, Fadly Padi, Mytha Lestari, Mario Ginanjar, Leisha Kaligis) calls attention to the Asian Bird Trade Crisis.

Indonesia has the most endemic animals in Southeast Asia, most of which are beautiful feathered birds and have melodious songs. But now these animals are being threatened by poaching and illegal fishing. The decline in population to the extinction of various rare bird species, has a direct impact on the destruction of the ecosystem of the natural environment.

This is the background behind the making of this animated film, which was entirely done by 95 students majoring in Animation and Illustration at SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus. Making this video a message of concern to invite the community to participate in maintaining the balance of the environmental ecosystem by not hunting, trading, and maintaining rare birds.