Silent Forest Circus by Mirabelle Arts

Text and images by Aelfwyn Shipton, Mirabelle Arts

Silent Forest Circus story-board

The Silent Forest Circus’ is a contemporary circus theatre project inspired by the Asian Songbird Crisis – So named for the rapid and alarming permanent loss of some of nature’s most unique creations due to illegal trading and habitat destruction. It is a live performance piece that will both capture the imagination for nature’s incredible beauty and highlight mankind’s destructive and insatiable traits. From intricate costume design to engaging narration the piece follows a journey of five endangered bird species from their vibrant forest home to the human world. It ends with a message of hope and how we can all make a difference to the future destiny of our incredible planet.

A video-showing of the show which is now available for bookings

The project has been created and developed by Mirabelle Arts, a company who specialises in creating spectacular and bespoke entertainment globally. Mirabelle Arts has created breathtaking and innovative costumes and performances including the Mirabelle mirror violin, Aerial Violin, Strings on Stilts and LED. Projects tailored to the event and in collaborations with global artists in circus, dance and music have included Bank of East Asia 100 year Celebration, Circus Spectacular Show for Taiwan Lantern Festival (with Cirque Bijou) and African Football FIFA Cup (CAF) Awards

Tamzen (Bali Myna)
Roo (White Rumped Shama)
Kris (Nias Hill Myna)
Rebecca (Javan Green Magpie)
Julien (Sumatran Laughingthrush)