Zooquaria Articles (open access)

Zooquaria is the EAZA open magazine and is published four times a year and features articles with news, interviews, reports and opinion pieces. Below a selection of articles on the Silent Forest Group featured in Zooquaria between 2017 and 2020.



2017 Ouhel et al. Saving Asias songbirds. Zooquaria 99

2018 Bruslund. Saving our Songbirds. Zooquaria 100

2018 Mager. Songbird Rescue. Zooquaria 101

2018 Owen. Songbirds on the brink. Zooquaria 102

2019 Krishnasamy. Let the Songbirds keep singing. Zooquaria 104

2019 Devenish and Marsden. Out in the field. Zooquaria 105

2019 Jeggo. Breaking the Silence. Zooquaria 106

2020 Bruslund et al. A bright future for Songbirds. Zooquaria 108



2019 Bruslund et al. The EAZA conservation campaign 2017-2019 – Silent Forest. WAZA-News-02-19