“Searching for the Birds” Project Updates

Author: Prof. Stuart Marsden What project-related developments, either directly or indirectly, took place the past months? Fieldwork for the project is underway at one of the two project study areas, with the remaining areas to be surveyed towards the end of 2019 and in 2020. Surveys were implemented at two sites on Patuha in February […]

“Bali Myna Fieldwork” Project Updates

Author: Tom Squires and Prof. Stuart Marsden What project-related developments, either directly or indirectly, took place the past months? Ecological fieldwork for Bali myna has been ongoing at Bali Barat National Park (BBNP) over the last year in collaboration with the national park staff. Five Indonesian graduates have been helping collect data for the project […]

Silent Forest, Silent Spring

Author: Mark Liziczai (KLG Goodeid Projekt, Hungary)   Our institution is a secondary grammar school, which has received the award of ‘Eco-school’. Whatever the class, we are teaching our students to pay attention to their environment, nature and endangered species. We decided to talk about the Silent Forest campaign, even if it is almost closed, […]

New contestant for the Binocular collection!

Have you been following the Silent Forest “binocular contest”? For more than a year now, Liberec Zoo has been collecting old, but still functional, binoculars to distribute to eco-centers across Indonesia via the NGO (find all information about this in this previous post). Somehow, this activity escalated into a friendly contest between Copenhagen Zoo (Denmark) […]

Roev Ruchey is not Silent

Author: Chipura Svetlana (Park of flora and fauna “Roev Ruchey”, Russia) Park of flora and fauna “Roev Ruchey” continues to actively participate in the EAZA Silent forest campaign by addressing global and local problems in the field of biodiversity conservation. Like our friends and colleagues from other zoos of Russia and the world, we conduct […]

Twinkle, twinkle little… bird!

Author: Heike Meisch (Zoopark Erfurt, Germany) During Zoopark Erfurt’s festival on 5 May, kids could get a glittering temporary tattoo at the Silent Forest campaign tent. They could choose among lots of different birds – and other animals to add the mammal or butterfly lovers as well. Kids were queuing to get one of these […]

Turn the crank and listen carefully

Another great creation from a Silent Forest Campaign participant to raise awareness of the Asian Songbird crisis! Parc de Branféré (France) built this amazing sound box. Visitors can turn the crank to listen to the beautiful vocalization of  the White-rumped shama. Press play, close your eyes and imagine you are standing in the middle of […]