Confiscation, Rescue and Release of over 100 Birds by Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife

LCTW The Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife (LCTW) is the only Lao registered non-profit wildlife organisation working on the rescue, rehabilitation, release, sanctuary, conservation of wildlife in Laos – a treasure trove of unique biodiversity. They have a strong footing in many conservation programmes on a national, regional and global scale and also deliver a strong […]

Deep dive in the Indonesian forests with Yudi (Part 1)

Copenhagen Zoo employs several people working on various projects in Indonesia. One of them is Hariyawan Agung Wahyudi, aka Yudi, working on the Banteng program in Baluran National Park. Yudi is 40 years old, he grew up in Central Java, Indonesia. Although his focus for Copenhagen Zoo is Banteng, he is passionate about birds, like […]

Silent Forest in Bochum

Author: Judith Becker (Tierpark und Fossilium Bochum, Germany) A new exhibit, focusing on the Silent Forest Campaign, was launched on August 10th 2018. Visitors will find it in our conservation-exhibition hall which is dedicated to the “bee”.           The displayed diorama shows a river bank in the South East Asian forests where […]

Double penalty for Indonesian birds…

  In addition to Songbirds, Owls are also traded as pets in Asian markets. The phenomenon, known as the “Harry-Potter-Effect” (Nijman and Nekaris) due to the popular J. K. Rowling books and films, has soared to new heights in many Asian countries but particularly in Indonesia.   Recently the Indonesian group Profauna seems to have […]

Indonesia takes a huge step towards saving their native songbirds!

The Government of Indonesia has taken a huge step towards saving their native songbirds! The revised list of nationally protected species, including most Songbirds, which are threatened by the trade, lays the framework for further activities and enforcement to protect Songbird populations. It however also provides the opportunity to transform the culture of enjoying songbirds […]

International Songbird Day 2018 _ Part 2

A couple of months ago, we posted about Cologne Zoo and other institutions celebrating International Songbird Day. The day had an artistic angle. The artist Rolf Jahn painted his “crazy birds” on a wall as a permanent artwork. Tattoo artists from four studios immortalized bird passion in a very original way and generously donated their […]

Polish schoolchildren know everything about Songbirds!

In support of the “Silent Forest” campaign, ZOO Wrocław (Poland) is organizing many activities for all age classes. Last May, the first competition of knowledge for primary schools from all over Poland took place at the zoo. Thirty students from several cities participated after having learned about Songbirds on the zoo website. Very detailed questions […]

A Silent Forest gold medal for Bird enthusiasts!

Author: Matyáš Adam (Liberec Zoo, Czech Republic) Commemorative medal vending machines are in use in several European zoos already, selling coins with their favourite animals on them. So why not using them in favour of the Songbirds? Especially when children really love to bring souvenirs from their zoo visit! Wroclaw Zoo (Poland) brought this awesome […]

Listening to Songbirds in Mulhouse Zoo

Author: David Di Paolo (Mulhouse Zoo, France) On 17th and 24th of June, the Silent Forest days took place in Mulhouse zoo. How can we draw our visitors’ intention on Songbirds? That’s not so easy: birds are shy and sometimes hide when people come in their aviary… Thus we played birdcall recordings in our aviary […]