International Songbird Day 2018: Celebrating songbirds across Europe

Authors: Julia Migné (Chester Zoo, UK) and Lucia Schröder (Cologne Zoo, Germany) As you might know, consumption of wild-caught South-east Asian Songbirds for trade, as pets, singing competitions, status symbols, religious ceremonies, traditional medicine and food are pushing many species to the brink of extinction. Zoos across Europe have joined forces to help tackle this […]

When Art students and Lisbon Zoo join forces to help Songbirds

Author: Maria Antonieta Costa (Lisbon Zoo, Portugal) Lisbon ZOO challenged a class of 12th graders from the Secondary Art School António Arroio in Lisbon – finalist students of the Communication Design Course – during their Training in Work Context to imagine ways to raise awareness of the Songbird crisis. The challenge was to present a […]

Rare songbirds arrive at Newquay Zoo

Author: Newquay Zoo, United Kingdom One of the most endangered songbirds in the world has arrived at Newquay Zoo. The Cornish charity zoo is one of only five collections in Europe where Javan green magpies can be seen, making them the rarest species at the zoo. Native to Java, in Indonesia, the Javan green magpie […]

Tune in a radio that you won´t turn off

Authors: Jan Kužník (, Prague, Czech Republic) and Matyáš Adam (Zoo Liberec, Czech Republic) Birds, insects, hedgehogs, frogs, wildlife. Thousands of animals on Slow Radio After the winter break, Slow Radio starts again. It broadcasts live, continuously and through professional microphones from a secret place in the middle of a bird paradise in southern Bohemia. […]

Adam Miller, a young American trying to stop the illegal bird trade, wins Future For Nature Award 2018

Since 2008, the Future for Nature foundation has supported 30 successful conservationists all around the world, each passionately working on environmental protection, and with result. Besides supporting these remarkable people financially, FFN also want to provide a platform to showcase their work and studies and open doors towards a broader network. On April 20 2018 […]

Silent Forest hits the headlines

Congratulations to Cologne Zoo, Germany, for their significant involvement in the Silent Forest Campaign! This time, it is via colorful articles in the Kölner Zoo Magazin (edition Summer 2018) that they raise awareness of Southeast Asian Songbirds status but also of their European counterparts situation. They especially talk about the Bird of the year 2018: […]

Buy Art, Save All the Birds

  No need to be a big zoo or non-profit organization to raise awareness for wildlife conservation and help fight the Songbirds crisis: meet Alyssa Rice and her amazing All the birds project. Passionate about animals, Alyssa promotes conservation through her drawings. She suggested three conservation projects to her followers who voted for the Silent […]

12th of March 2018 Alle Vöglein sind schon da…

Author: Constanze Mager (Burgers’ Zoo, Arnhem, The Netherlands) Even though the whole world seems to be skyping – and the campaign team certainly does quite regularly skype with each other – a face to face meeting every once in a while is really useful, too. Unfortunately, travelling across Europe to see each other is rather […]

Hunted – Trapped – Killed: Illegal Bird-Catching

Author: Simon Bruslund (Heidelberg Zoo, Heidelberg, Germany) The Erfurt Museum of Natural History, Germany, is presenting an exhibition about illegal bird trapping and have included extensive information on the Silent Forest Campaign. For this purpose, the Museum signed up as a non-EAZA participant to the campaign in preparation of the exhibition. This is an excellent […]