Javan Green Magpie EEP

Breeding programme

EEP Programme Statement: As the species is in eminent danger of extinction it was decided that the Rescue and Insurance role would be most appropriate and important for this programme. The programme is and should continue to be based on rescuing birds from the trade. There is no intention to collect the remaining birds from the wild at this stage. Additional (direct and indirect) conservation roles were identified to improve the further management of the ex situ populations both within the range and in EAZA – research, training – , use the captive population for educational/raising awareness reasons (the impact of the trade on songbird populations, behavioural change) and work at the same time on getting better insights on the situation in the wild. Therefore, the TAG recommends establishing an EEP for this species.

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May 2018 Rare songbirds arrive at Newquay Zoo

June 2018 When Javan Green Magpies feel blue

November 2018 First Javan green magpie chick in PCBA has fledged successfully

2019 Javan Green Magpie Best Practice Guideline by Andrew Owen, Chester Zoo

April 2020 Javan Green Magpie parents adoption in Prague Zoo